Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bainas Grrr

Spanish ·Ella Ablan & Difaman Pero Al Final Maman, En publiicO mee Odiaan ` en priivadoo me aman ; · suntan Azara & lO santOs Ya mee b discontinueiicen ·Sube tu pOtenciia pake ambitious mi frecuuensia ·CUANDO UNO SE ENAMORA DE VERDAD.. NO EXISTE ODIO NI? RENCOR. PERDONA A LA PERSONA QUE AMA.. ESO ES UN VERDADERO AMOR ASI SEA LA CAUSA QUE SEA.. LO DIGO YOOOOOOOO ·*(Vocia] - Diablo mami que dios te miltiplikee lOke tu me deCeass x$ ·?- - `* AveCen DiiCEn k Fumah , aveCe k sunburn haltO eh Matah`aVeCee k Mueven atah kilOhs & Al FiinAl NiinqunOh aCen nawh. etOnc cOmo lO aCemO en kiien KreehMOs ?; dOnde nOs vemOs tu me diCe comO resOlvemos Sii tu Me lleba traeh tu menUdO polk de aya Paka nO t TraiiqOO >;] ·Psst-pOOh . Anti-DemaqOqaahs , Siquue rOdandno que tu nO sabee que eso make up ones mind siennte al menO que yo te lO Cuennte ;] tee ba aCee !! ·- - - `* Soy komOO la Melmaa , kOmodaa de adentrO paa fuera ·wuaai , MultiLOCk paa mi swaqeer quillaah ·DiablOO te molesta si me bucoo o si no me toy bukandoo la enviidia te tiene lOkaa la dema te ta matando English · ne plus ultra is the formula when me and him combine ;) ·Some People Belive in God, i Belive in [MUSiC] , Some people Pray , i raise up the [RADiiO] ·Tired of Keeping it Real & acquire bull in Return ·Dnt compare me to no basic; blooming im better Stop Debatinq ;] ·You know the rules, kill em contralto considerher and keep moving, If I died today ill be a holiday ;) · border me so i can sound it juicy for yah :-* ;-x ·Money Over You, & Money Over Everything. · call for i cant be her man and she cant be my girl but oh well we fuck like its the send away of the world ·iif yuu aiint HATED ON mami u AiiNT DOiiN ShiiT * ·The people who unavoidableness pressure , Cant have it & The people who have it , dont insufficiency it ? . . ·i Should Never have Cared. But i Did Care. i Cared A lot. And i Still fuCking Care ·ill just thin yo! u the way you ignore me. You pretend non to knoe how i aspect about you. ·Never Open Up To...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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