Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Morality in House of Cards and Our Society

best-selling(predicate) television of the 50s and 60s was real clear-cut. Characters were presented to the interview at face value. If a character seemed like a faithful person, then they were a virtuously sound person. If a character seemed bad, then they were a bad person with plague intentions. goggle box shows were not exhausting to make the audience hypothesize what the characters on screen were thinking. Television usually reflected whatever the heathenish norms were at that time. In the old shows, that was family values and the problems that arose when raising one. totally of that has changed in recent times. new-fangled television very ofttimes challenges the societal norm. Instead of intelligibly good and bad guys, characters on nows shows are often in a moral grey-headed area. They fundament be both(prenominal) morally and ethically ambiguous, expiration the audience wondering whom wants what and why. This major shift in chronicletelling can be observed i n Netflixs House of Cards. This show very unmistakably presents a read/write head of morality because even its good characters make awful decisions purportedly for the greater good as if they all believe in the end justifying the means. Even the shows booster station is seen making terribly wrong decisions and we are supposed to pledge him in that. The obvious questions mustiness then be raised. What does this ordinate about our government today? Why do we determine for evil characters? Furthermore, what does this political gambling present about our authentic society? The ethical considerations of the characters in House of Cards, more specifically, frank and his wife, Claire Underwood, speaks volumes about how our society views morally wrong people and how the classic view of wholesome, upstanding protagonists is challenged.\n matchless of the first television shows to be aired exclusively on Netflix, House of Cards is the American adaptation of a British mini series o f the similar name, which was first a fresh by Michael Dobbs. The show chronicles the story of American politician Fra...

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