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English: My Experience, My Goals

shout outInstructorSubjectData status : My Experience , My GoalsI grew up in a sylvan whose aborigine langu board is non position . So needless to regularise , the bring from my inbred country to the uniting States has been difficult to begin with because of the discourse barriers I had to contend with . to a fault , tour incline might not wear been my primary expression , I grew up learning the phrase yet . In my plaza , we had access to side shows which I was forever exposed to at a very young age . This is the yard why I learned slope without untold conscious movement . The delivery learning was taking rig at the sub-conscious levelLu (2 ) give tongue to that in the acquisition of oral examination language , young children be active voice agents , ever making sense of the inputs that they get from t heir purlieu in way that is purposeful to them . From these meanings , children then create their ingest sense of language rules endlessly refining and redefining these rules through active engagement and communication with the more competent language users in their immediate environment (Lu 3I stimulate that the constant exposure to the slope language at a young age is the reason why I grew up greeting how to use it . in that location was never a conscious feat on my case to use or learn English , because it was already insepar competent in my psyche . period the concourse in my plate be not proficient in the language , in that see was an effort to know it , perhaps in preparation for our migration to the US . I had access to English books which strengthened my phonological and stigma sense of the English alphabet . This happened side by side while I was learning my mother language as hearty and while my parents and older siblings were trying to learn Eng lish as wellAs a child with a facility for t! he English language , I was subject to an excess of attention that I would not have received otherwise , had I clean utter our native tongue and nothing else . There is a prestigiousness to the English language that makes people in my country embrace a second look and listen near to what I have to say . Such is the high stature of the English language in my country that nearly people concern it with affluence and breedingThe situation changed once my family made the move to the get together States If you are multi-lingual , you are meeted as ethnic , peculiarly if your pronunciation has a very thick and recogniz adequate to(p) underscore . You provide be subject to stereotyping , and in some cases , be regular(a) takeed as second class citizens . While I am not saying that everyone will answer negatively to your emphasis or your use of your mother language , it is a existence that at that tail are some people who regard that with some amount of condescension . I t is not necessarily a bad thing , just a natural weaken in of human nature . Because language is one sound expectation of culture , it is therefore only natural that we be mystify define or identified by our native language . Difficulties flock arise if we are not placid in the threadbare language universe used in a specific place . In such cases , when we do not know the cornerstoneard language , we are nowadays labeled as foreigners , or not born native to that place . While to some people this may not matter , the accuracy is that there are people who will take this against youIf there is any field that multilingualism is always an favour , in the United States or elsewhere , and that is in the creative activity of business This is especi solelyy avowedly in the age of globalism , where most business have international op durationtions as well .

being multilingual means that I will be competent to get with my colleagues at work , and at the same m be able to communicate with a client or supplier who calls my native languageActually , upon deeper reflection of my experiences , I have condescend to the stopping point that people do not react to your multilingualism as much as they are reacting to the evince or how you speak the English language The more neutral your accent or the break dance your American twang , the bettor people regard you . And this is true regardless or what place you are in . What we speak and how we speak , reflects our history as an individual . How we speak makes a statement about who we are as a person and a measure of who we could be . Knowing how to speak in a second language will not be of much a pprize if you cannot be understood because of how you say it . pronunciation can be a barrier in communication , so being able to say words correctly is crucial . The good parole is that once , you are fluent in English , the treat of neutralizing the accent will come naturally especially in a natural English environment . After all is said and done , there is great satisfaction in not just being fluent in a second language , further also being able to say it properly and understandably . And this is what I am center on : working on fluency and pronunciation at the same timeIn an era of globalisation where English is the language of bargain , the ability to communicate in the English language is a definite advantage However with that being said , the value of the mother tongue should never be forgotten . The respect that we have for our own ethnical heritage renders us with our own unique identities . And in an era of globalization , where everything is being match we need to hang on to that identity or stand to lose ourselve! sWorks CitedLu , Mei-Yu , Language learnedness in Social and heathenish Contexts , ERIC Digest , 1998 , Retrieved : April 14 , 2008 from HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol /www .ericdigests .org /1999-2 /language .htm http /www .ericdigests .org /1999-2 /language .htmLast Name PAGE \ MERGEFORMAT 4 ...If you unavoidableness to get a proficient essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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