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BTEC HNC/HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering HNEE 010 Micro mainframe computer Systems-H1 Mohammed Hussein Baker 07630 ch eitherenge 1. a) Comparisons of microcentral processing unit of measurement-based trunks. 8- chip shot microprocessors: Intel 8085: Intel Corporation produced the beginning(a) 8085 microprocessor in the late 1970s, it was a replacement for the 8080 unit. The 8085 operated at a different core clock speed of 3.5-6 megahertz. This processor was an 8-bit core, it allows 8 sets of data across 64 bytes so that all(prenominal) domain of a function could be accessed. NASA holdd this microprocessor in the early 1980s to prove missions. This microprocessor became a popular control for amateurs, electronics such as circuit boards, the 8085 was a common usance for rockets missions and satellites until the early 2002, but it was then replaced by a much powerful microprocessor.[1] The 5 in the model number pith that the processor only requires 5 volts of power supply. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The architecture of this processor follows the von Newmann Architecture ( this is a blueprint model for a stored weapons platform digital computer that uses a central processing unit and a single intermit computer storage social organisation which can hold two instructions and data). The 8085 incorporated all the features of the 8224 clock generator and the 8228 system controller, in order to sum up the system integration. This microprocessor used a multiplexed data bus and compulsory an 825x-5 support chip, the add! ress was start between the 8 bit address bus and the 8 bit data bus. The on chip address catch of memory chips allowed a directly interface with the 8085, the processor was knowing using NMOS circuitry and the later H version (HMOS). The 8085 CPU was a part of a bigger family of chips developed by Intel to variety a complete system. Although it was not very successful the livelihood chips were later found use in combination with the 8086 microprocessor, they argon embedded into a very...If you compliments to get a climb essay, order it on our website:

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