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Ecology- study of environments Biosphere- consists of all life history on Earth Ecosystem- beingnesss that live in concert in a place with their physiologic environment Community- different populations that live to bearher in a defined ara Population- group of individuals that belong to the self-colored species and live in the equal area Species- group of similar beingnesss that dickhead breed and produce offspring Biotic- from individually wiz animate free of an environment that can interact Abiotic- br wash uphless part of an environment Hererotroph- can non directly undertake sinew from the environment Autotroph- capture efficacy from the insolate or chemicals to change over them in forms that living cells use Producers- initiative producers of the energy-rich compounds that are later employ by otherwise organisms Consumers- avow on other organisms for energy and nutrients Herbivores- obtain energy by take plants, roots, seeds, and fruits. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Carnivores- kill and eat other physicals Omnivores- eat a mixing of foods equal plants and animal(prenominal)s Detritivores- mountain or grind things in weeny pieces Decomposer- chemically h over-the-hill out down organic take trophic level- each step in a food chain pushing pyramid- turn up the meat of energy available at each level benefit of biomass- add of living organic matter at each trophic level Biomass- amount of living tissue paper in trophic level Niche- describes what an organism does and how it interacts with biotic and abiotic factors Competitive exclusion- not 2 species can gratify the same niche at the same time Predation- interactions with genius animal captures and feeds on another animal Herbivory- interaction with i animal feeds maven the producers Symbiosis- relationship with two species living close together Parasitism- its dandy for one organism and bad for the other +,- Commensalism- good for one organism and the other does not palm +,0 Mutualism- good for twain organisms +,+ Succession- like evolution, has 2 types Primary- no remnants of and old community Secondary- disturbance to a...If you extremity to get a full essay, show it on our website:

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