Saturday, November 5, 2016

Progressivism Misery of the Masses

Progressivism - Misery of the mountain\n\n[i:7a88bc7b81]Question: How did imperfects redefine meagreness? wherefore was that primary(prenominal)? Where and why did progressive solutions for the problems of meagerness f each(prenominal) short?\n\nIf there was one flow of American history that could be labeled the most authoritative or constructive to the globe of our bon ton today, perhaps it would be the Progressive movement. A precedent may be progressives were not once morest the American system, they just cute to fix it. They believed strongly in the good of humanity, fairness, and regulation. Truly conservatives at heart, they lossed to revert screening to the days of equality of opportunity, democracy, and friendly justice. Equality, fairness, opportunity all predominately use to the vile nefariousnessce they were most believably the ones being taken profit of. In light of poverty progressives, however, had a much distinct view than the sin of the individual. Poverty, in their eyes, was directly related to the environs and opportunities an individual was presented with. This outlook was important because it was at the roots of all the reforms progressives lobbied for. However idealistic and eleemosynary the efforts of progressives were to eliminate poverty, they were accompanied with mis-education and scummy treatments.\n\nThe Progressive views of poverty be fairly simple: poverty is the overlap of failures of the government and the surroundings it creates. Driven by amicable justice, people uniform Jacob Riis showed the contraband reality of poverty to the sleep of the world. In this particular case, he utilize photographs to power securey lucubrate the effects from abuses of an industrial society. Riis and others like Jane Addams, Theodore Dreiser, and Frank Norris all took up the cause for the needy and created charity for the less fortunate. The majority of progressives steered outside from the issue of self sin that bro ught about some of the evils of society they were fighting against: alcoholism, corruption, prostitution, and drug abuse. This again fuses the idea that the life of the poor was a direct product of the environment in which they lived.\n\nBecause of the laic way progressives looked at the poor, they used unorthodox and modern methods alternatively than the evangelical means of the then(prenominal) great awakenings. The progress of tender service moved from the firmness house movement to the sociable worker which was committed full...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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