Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide Experiment 8.5 ? decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. The oxides that defend as catalysts are those of the transition metals which have incomplete electron shells in their ions. Liver contains catalase that catalyses the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide in cells, found in many plants and animals (prevents accumulation of h2o2 produces by almost enzyme systems, if h2o2 was allowed to build up in cells it would start to oxidise metabolites (all englut in cells). Rochelle salt and h2o2 react slightly when warm, entirely chemical reaction is catalysed by cobalt II ions. While it?s reacting, it turns green, present the catalyst taking part in the reaction but returns to the original pink colour showing the catalyst is idempotent when the reaction is complete. Co2+ are oxidised (green) then reduced.
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